Easton Real Estate Advisors
Expertise and Insight Seals the Deal.

Easton Real Estate Advisors is a real estate investment, development and management firm headquartered in Miami, Florida with an office in Boston, Massachusetts that manages real estate fund investments on behalf of our clients. Driven by superior results and the continuing success of our investors, we are an experienced owner operator, not a capital allocator – real estate investment is our primary business. Our investment strategy is simple; seek to maximize the value of every property in our portfolio. Agile, forward-thinking and with an eye on the nuances of the marketplace, we source select value add investment opportunities and add value through careful repositioning, redevelopment and releasing using our vertically integrated company structure to execute in a timely and cost effective manner on behalf of our institutional and high net worth clients. With a 40 year track record of success we have earned a good reputation based on integrity, market knowledge and our hands on approach to investing.

Easton Real Estate Advisors is:

  • Committed to risk-averse, selective real estate investing and the responsible use of non-recourse leverage. A leading real estate investment management firm, we consistently seek to deliver strong returns for our clients.
  • Full-service, Acting as a single, trusted real estate investment manager for our clients, we identify, underwrite, close, reposition, release, manage and sell a full range of commercial and multi-family real estate investments, from direct acquisitions to complex development opportunities
  • Targeted in our approach. We stick to what works for us, which is to seek out undervalued commercial and multi-family properties and those with strong cash flows and/or untapped strengths. It’s how we consistently generate cash flow and strong returns to our investors with minimal risk exposure.
  • Collaborative by nature. We listen to our investors to ensure we fully appreciate their goals and objectives. Not surprisingly, we usually become their real estate investment advisor of choice.
  • Strength in our financial position. Our discretionary capital gives us the ability to react to opportunities quickly. It also affords us impeccable lender relationships, powerful negotiating positions and substantial off-market opportunities. Clients are the primary beneficiary of our financial strength.

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10165 N.W. 19th Street, Miami, Florida 33172

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